Semalt: 10 Ways on How to Invest in SEO During the Coronavirus

Coronavirus is a massive topic in the search engine world today. The impact is clear, as Google has created a tool that tracks the popularity with the issue. Check out the Coronavirus Search Trends tool for further details.

The term “coronavirus” has reduced in recent months. As the stories and infections continue to affect people worldwide, you can bet that the topic will continue to rise. It brings us to an important question. Is investing in SEO  during COVID worth it?

The short answer is yes. By creating your ads to be more timely, it allows you to position yourself as a source of aid during COVID. You could create content centered around COVID. Also, creating other helpful content is still useful regardless of the time.

There are even some businesses that have seen growth. Those in the e-commerce area are particularly successful, as there is a growth of 146 percent in all online retail orders. Other digital services have an unusual opportunity in this case, and we will be addressing these issues further in this article.

Create Content On The Topic

If you are like me, Coronavirus has profoundly affected your ability to go out and perform work as you would like.  It has created several days where you might ask for advice on what to do inside. You might have a spotless house as a result. 

This pain is a common issue in the world. As a result, people are looking for ideas on how to handle the mental anguish that comes with staying home. Any organization can find a way to apply what they do to the current situation. 

Below are some examples to consider.
  • Someone in the health industry can advise on how to stay well during these times.
  • Shoemakers can provide a list of the comfiest shoes to wear while lounging.
  • Retail stores can talk about a new line of crafting supplies you can do at home.
  • Daycares can blog about how to teach your children how to keep their masks on.
There are millions of examples that you can use. While they aren’t always obvious, any business can find a piece of their business that can help people during COVID. Be sure to target COVID related keywords.

Write Content to Educate

With Coronavirus, many businesses have had to adjust their strategy.  Excluding companies, many people have scrambled to understand this new strategy. Regardless of your target audience, this gives you an excellent opportunity to educate.

Education is a common strategy with blogging, as you should be looking to educate your customers anyway. COVID should require you to press this strategy further. Consider Coronavirus as an additional dimension of education. Forty-eight percent of people are more likely to buy from a brand if it educates.

Focus On Your Digital Offerings or Response to the Pandemic

People are less likely to exit their house during these times. As a result, this is another opportunity for you to grow your digital offering. Major companies like Walmart have done this with their “contactless delivery” application.  Smaller retail stores have supplemented this issue by partnering with companies like Postmates. 

As a small business, it is your job to inform the public about what you are offering. If you run a restaurant, putting “contactless delivery” on your page will tell those who are searching for food in your area provides this opportunity. You can even include these keywords in blogs to your customer base.

While this is not easy for all industries, statistics tell us the potential of digital platforms. For example, your small town tool shop may consider offering an online store that targets a location with SEO. When you follow through with a Local SEO strategy, this gives you a new opportunity. 

Consider Long-Form Content

If there is one thing that Coronavirus has done to us, it has required us to discover what to do with our free time. People are continuously skeptical about any source, and long-form content provides the reader with more information. This strategy makes for a trustworthy source provided that the material is well-written. 

This strategy may be possible given the free time that COVID has given you. Again, by viewing this as an opportunity for growth, it gives you the ability to produce longer-form content. This topic brings us to long-tail searches.

Long-tail keywords are the three- to four-word keywords that are incredibly specific to your topic. They allow those who are seeking your particular business to find it with greater ease. Long-form content provides you with an excellent way to include these long-tail keywords.

By being easily searchable with long-term content, you are more likely to produce the content that people want. The extra real-estate in your article provides an excellent reason for people to link to you. People are always looking for the “ultimate guide” on something.

Refresh Old Content 

Consider content to be re-usable. Consider a good piece of content as something that can come back. It is especially true with long-form content, which has the potential of being reused into shorter chunks.

Old content can be applied to current trends as well. For example, reusing older content is a typical blog suggestion by the most experienced content creators, including Niel Patel.
Many of your old blog posts may still be getting traffic to this date. You should choose your more popular posts, as those have proven power. By repurposing them with a modern framework, such as COVID, you have already done most of the work. 

If you do not have at least a year’s worth of content, it is best to avoid this strategy. It is best if you bring something back from several years ago. People are not likely to remember these older blog posts. 

Create Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is named so because the evergreen tree is known as a decorative source of renewing life. Fir trees, like the evergreen, do not lose their leaves over the winter. It is considered a sign of continued growth.

Evergreen content does not have an expiration date. So product reviews, yearly statistics, and news posts are not “evergreen.” Instead, evergreen content consists of list posts, how-to blogs, and videos. With that in mind, you may notice this to be contradictory compared to our other suggestions. 

Why would you write about something that isn’t timely? Because you cannot focus all of your content around a single topic. It will cause your website to stagnate after interest in the issue dies down. As a result, it is best to find a healthy mix. 

With most blogs, it is best to find a topic that is typical in your niche. If you were a shoemaker, your evergreen content could be the following:
  • Different types of shoe styles
  • The five best shoe types for nurses
  • How to string your shoes (different techniques)
Below are examples of topics that are not considered evergreen.
  • Nike’s latest shoe
  • New technology for upcoming shoes
  • A review of a shoe convention that occurred in 2020

Create Content Around Your Goals

When creating content, it is best to have a plan of action. Your content could be for driving traffic, increasing sales, advertising a new product, or increasing your e-mail subscriptions. It is incredibly crucial during COVID, as your competitors will have already created a plan.

By creating content with a specific goal in mind, you are more likely to accomplish this. For example, if you seek to drive traffic to your website, you are more likely to want to post some of the evergreen content we mentioned earlier. Your blog will be full of how-to guides and list posts.

If you want to create content for increasing sales, your how-to post will lead to asking for the purchase. You may create numerous pieces of material where the logical conclusion is your product. If you want to increase your e-mail subscriptions, your posts will make that request. Without having a goal, you cripple yourself before you compete.

Invest in an SEO Campaign

The final piece of SEO advice we have comes back to Semalt. SEO can be a complicated matter. While many of the suggestions we made will bring you to rank for posts, supplementing your efforts with an SEO campaign from Semalt can bring you over the edge.

Semalt has a variety of different levels of investment. If you are uncertain of what to choose, that is understandable. COVID has impacted many lives, and it makes each investment important. You will want to choose something with proven success. 


COVID has had a profound impact on how we do business. Even after we return to normalcy, there is no guarantee we will return to exactly where we were before. That logic will apply to SEO as well.

Google has assured us that SEO will not be the same every year. As a result, we must change our strategy to remain competitive. One this that remains consistent is the need to create good content.

Content production must be timely. By creating content based around COVID, you are putting yourself in a place of knowledge. As the “expert” of helping people through the Coronavirus, you are more likely to maintain that traffic as a trustworthy source. 

You cannot just limit yourself to posting on COVID. You are still required to post evergreen content that people will appreciate for years to come. Combine this with a willingness to educate and reuse old content; you will be able to draw people to content that enhances your digital and physical services.

Enhancing your SEO with Semalt is how one brings these techniques to a higher level. It is our goal to ensure that your business will be ready for success, regardless of COVID. We encourage you and your family to stay safe in this trying time.